Wednesday night’s Loyola Chicago-Duquesne college basketball game was interrupted by a fake DoorDash delivery person wandering onto the court, and angry school officials insist it was a publicity stunt.

San Francisco-based delivery service DoorDash may or may not have been involved in a publicity stunt during a nationally broadcast NCAA men’s basketball game Wednesday night. But either way, both are certainly getting the publicity as the internet debates whether this whole affair was a coordinated stunt. (Spoiler: It was.)

The incident occurred during Wednesday night’s Loyola Chicago-Duquesne contest. (Fans will recognize Loyola Chicago for their famed nun superfan Sister Jean, and yes, the San Francisco native Sister Jean is still alive at age 103!) The referees call an official time out, and a perplexed announcer says “Somebody came on the floor?” A moment later, the same announcer says, “Looking for an Uber Eats delivery or something? He’s carrying some McDonald's. I’m actually not kidding.”

Replays in the above video confirm that the delivery person was indeed wandering onto the court area, holding up a bag of McDonald’s. “I think that’s an Uber Eats sticker, I’m trying to get confirmation,” the same announcer says. “Uber Eats, yes.”

Was this a stunt? Loyola assistant athletic director of broadcast operations Austin Hansen says yes, and is none too happy about the incident. It may also be significant that Hansen identifies this as a DoorDash driver, and his courtside video indicates the “delivery person” is saying “DoorDash? DoorDash?”

“This kid was clearly doing a prank for Youtube/TikTok,” Hansen continues in his thread. “You can see that he is wearing a microphone, and tons of students were filming him with their phones.”

Of course students were filming, though, and that may or may not be a microphone attached to this fellow’s shirt. But yes, it is curiously odd that the individual was able to wander onto the court, and there seems no security response.

The game was at Duquesne’s UPMC Cooper Fieldhouse in Pittsburgh, and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette just confirmed it was a stunt. The paper notes that “The prankster then went over to the student section to once again ask if anyone had ordered DoorDash,” and that “The man didn’t appear to be kicked out of the arena and was casually walking around the stands. He was joined by another person who were both shown on the video screen.”

“This was a prank, planned in advance, done for internet exposure,” the school said in a statement. “We determined that the individual was wearing a mic while someone filmed him as he walked on to the court during active play.”

“While the incident may have seemed funny at the time, and no harm was done, we are mindful that incidents like this can put players and officials at risk,” the statement continued.

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Image: @RamblersMBB via Twitter