Lightning strikes in San Francisco were caught on video people on Twitter on Tuesday, and bolts appears to strike the tip top of the Transamerica Pyramid — which is not unheard of — as well as Sutro Tower.

While the city was enduring another round of heavy rain and about three minutes of intense hail, during KRON4's noon broadcast, their camera feed catches a bolt of lighting that pretty surely struck the top of the Pyramid, though they're not confirming that to be the case. Even though you don't see any more of the bolt below the building's top, the station is just calling it lighting "over the Transamerica Pyramid."

KTVU's Kate Rooney, though, is calling it like she sees it.

And we have two other angles on it here, from SF residents who also had a view of the building on camera:

The building does not appear to be affected or damaged.

And we know that this has happened before — even though lightning is a relative rarity in SF. In January 2017, multiple Twitter users posted photos and video of lightning striking the tip of the Transamerica building.

A lightning bolt also struck Sutro Tower during the same hour of unstable weather, and this was also well documented on Twitter.

Local meteorologists assure us that all of this should pass by 2 p.m. — at least the very stormy part. More rain is likely this evening, and plenty more arrives tomorrow.

This post has been updated throughout to include the lightning strike at Sutro Tower.

Top image via quibblenibble/Twitter