More tragic details have now come out in court documents about the case against Paulesha Green-Pulliam, who pleaded not guilty last week to the double-murder of her young daughters two days before Christmas.

The Chronicle obtained the new court documents that lay out the sequence of events on the morning of December 23, when police were called to a home on Navy Road in Hunters Point by the young girls' father. The father allegedly told San Francisco police that he arrived at his home to find all the doors locked, and he says it took him 15 minutes of knocking on doors and windows before Green-Pulliam let him in.

The circumstances of the father's absence from the house are not clear, but he told police that he was concerned and surprised when the two young girls, ages five and one, did not come to greet him. He says he asked Green-Pulliam where his daughters were, and the mother allegedly said, "Uh, they gone."

The father, who has not been publicly named, then went searching for the girls, and he told police he found them unresponsive in a walk-in closet. Per the court documents, he then ran out of the house and called 911.

Arriving officers said they found the father "crying hysterically," and the house was in a "disheveled" state. The girls were found lying next to one another on a bench in the closet, both “unresponsive, stiff and cold to the touch." Additionally, police said, the one-year-old had a "white, foamy substance" coming out of her mouth.

The cause of death has still not been revealed by police or the court documents, and may still be under investigation.

Deputy Public Defender Phoenix Streets requested in court last week that Green-Pulliam undergo medical and psychiatric evaluations.

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