The latest abominable snowman from the Hallmark holiday rom-com machine is the San Francisco-set A Big Fat Family Christmas, which premieres on the Hallmark Channel Friday night.

I admit that I have never watched one of those Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, the ones that make you wonder “Are the straights alright?,” nor did I even look until today to see whether my cable TV package carries the Hallmark Channel. But this is suddenly a topic of interest, as we learn that a Hallmark Channel holiday movie set in San Francisco, A Big Fat Family Christmas, premieres tonight, Friday, December 2, at 8 p.m. PT.

The trailer for this nonsense can be seen above. According to IMDB, the “plot” here is “Liv gets an assignment to photograph the Chang family's annual holiday party for a front-page story--nobody at work knows that they are her family. She wants to confide in new co-worker Henry but doesn't want to jeopardize her big break."

Do they eventually fuck? Tune in and find out!

And it’s getting some yuks that apparently in the movie, the two protagonists work at the San Francisco Chronicle. Hallmark Channel, don’t you ever make a movie about SFist.

Was A Big Fat Family Christmas filmed in San Francisco? As is generally the case, no it mostly was not, with just a few exterior shots done here (and apparently one involving the holiday cable car, as seen above.) According to, it was “was filmed in Vancouver, B.C., Canada like many other Christmas movies on Hallmark.” And apparently during it’s September shoot, the working title was A Big Fat Chinese Christmas.

Here on the West Coast, it premieres at 8 p.m. PT Friday night, and has a few more plays over the weekend. The tweet below is from the film’s director, so we’ll assume the information about streaming on Peacock is correct.

And the folks at the Chronicle are planning on having a little fun with this, as they’re going to do a kind of Rifftrax-style wisecracking live tweeting of the 7 p.m. Sunday night showing.

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Image: Hallmark Channel