• Mayor London Breed has been implicated by a former employee of the Department of Homelessness for having personally ordered encampments to be cleared off SF streets. The somewhat incendiary allegations come from former Director of Outreach and Temporary Shelter in the department Kaki Marshall, who is formerly homeless herself, in testimony given as part of the Coalition on Homelessness's earlier announced lawsuit against the city over encampment sweeps they say are illegal. [Mission Local]
  • The San Francisco Department of Public Health announced the city's first flu death of the season, in a patient who was under the age of 65. They're urging everyone who hasn't done so already to go get their flu shot. [KPIX]
  • FYI, you may have to pay federal taxes on your California Inflation Relief payment. [Chronicle]
  • Downtown Oakland remains a ghost town, after thousands of new residents who moved into new apartments in recent years are seemingly nowhere to be found on the streets, worrying retailers and local restaurants. [SF Business Times]
  • A four-bedroom, 8,000-square-foot, duplex apartment that's described as "palatial," in the tony Pacific Heights building 2006 Washington, has just sold for $19 million — the highest price for a condo in the city this year. [Chronicle]
  • Meanwhile, you can probably get a deal on a downtown SF condo, as prices there are "cratering." [Chronicle]
  • The Container Store is vacating their premises on Fourth Street near Union Square, with plans to move to the Trader Joe's shopping center at Ninth and Bryant. [Hoodline]
  • Tensions and infighting among House Republicans could lead to some drama in January when it comes time to elect a new speaker, and some in the Freedom Caucus are vowing to to put up a stubborn challenge to Rep. Kevin McCarthy that could ultimately cede power back to Democrats. [CNN]

Top photo: These late fall sunsets, man... Photo by Jay Barmann/SFist