• Service officially started at SF's Central Subway station Saturday. A video captured and posted on Twitter by transportation reporter Jerold Chinn, showed other people, both on the train and on the station platform, unholstering their cellphones to document the historic moment. [Twitter]
  • A person was killed in a suspected freeway shooting in Oakland early Saturday morning. The alleged shooting transpired on Interstate 80 around 2:40 a.m. today; officials say two cars were involved in the shooting, and the incident is still under investigation. [ABC7]
  • Pammela Price is declared the winner in Alameda County's district attorney's race — becoming the first-ever Black woman elected DA of the county. [KTVU]
  • Though many experts hold "cautious optimism" that Twitter won't outright collapse, its future sits on the edge of a cliff — and most of them agree that Musk's management style needs to change for the better, sooner rather than later. [Mission Local]
  • Haight Street is gaining traction as “Do it Yourself Row” (DIY Row). [Broke-Ass Stuart]
  • Elon Musk, being Elon Musk, has opened a poll to gauge interest in reinstating former-president Trump's personal account on the platform. [Twitter]
  • As more roads continue criss-crossing metros, researched wildlife junctions are saving thousands of animal lives and greatly reducing car collisions with traveling fauna; Montana's Highway 93, which is the most dangerous road in the state, has seen an over 70% reduction in animal deaths since constructing these safe passageways for wildlife. [Mongabay]
  • A record-breaking snowstorm has fallen on western New York, with some counties seeing over six feet of snow Saturday — raising concerns around holiday travel and safety. [CNN]

Photo: Courtesy of Twitter via @Jo_elRamos