A brutal hit-and-run has left legendary SF muralist and All Over Coffee illustrator Paul Madonna with displaced organs, a collapsed lung, and shoulder and leg injuries that will have him in a wheelchair  —  and unable to create artwork  — for a while.

Few artists are more associated with contemporary San Francisco than Paul Madonna, mainly because the architecture of San Francisco is so central and integral to his work. Madonna is best known for his graphic illustration series All Over Coffee that ran for 12 years in the Chronicle (and continued on Broke-Ass Stuart), though he’s also published five books, with his 2011 Everything Is Its Own Reward winning the NCBA Best Book Award. His murals have appeared at Tacolicious, Starbucks, and the Google campus, he’s designed an Anchor Steam label, and funny, his career started as the first-ever art intern at MAD magazine.

But Paul Madonna’ career is suddenly at a tragic crossroads. The Examiner reports that Madonna suffered numerous severe injuries in a hit-and-run car accident, with many, many traumatic injuries that will sideline his career and work for quite some time.

We’ll let the Paul Madonna Recovery Fund GoFundMe tell the story, which it tells in excruciating and painful detail.

"On Sunday, Nov 6, our friend, author and artist Paul Madonna (All Over Coffee) was involved in a hit-and-run accident. He was driving home from his studio, as he did daily, in his SmartCar through McLaren Park when he was struck head-on by a Mercedes Benz driving in the wrong lane at approximately 65 mph.,” it says.

“Paul was rushed to SF General’s world-class trauma center where he underwent four hours of emergency surgery to address substantial internal injuries (including an injured liver and spleen, and his stomach tore through his diaphragm forcing essential internal organs into his lung),” it continues. “He also sustained a brain blood bleed, a broken nose, a torn carotid artery (which will never heal), an injured shoulder, an extremely painful nerve issue in his swollen left leg and a shattered right heel.”

“Paul is expected to make a full recovery, but he has a long long road ahead,” the appeal continues. “The reality of his limited mobility means that Joen and Paul will have to modify their home to accommodate a wheelchair, an adjustable bed, etc. They anticipate other structural modifications will be needed to offer workable living arrangements. In a few weeks, he will undergo surgery to repair his shattered heel, which will require pins and plates and additional physical and occupational therapy.”

“As many of you reading this know, Paul has an incredibly dedicated art practice. He writes and draws every day in his studio,” the GoFundMe notes. “This event will deeply impact his practice for the foreseeable future.”

The Paul Madonna Recovery Fund GoFundMe currency stands just shy of $85,000, with two anonymous $10,000 donations having been placed in the last day. But this will not cover Madonna’s medical expenses, and he's looking at a long, drawn out recovery.

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Image: PaulMadonna.com