Saturday was a big night for sideshows in multiple places in the Bay Area, as police chased down gatherings of hundreds of cars in Vallejo, Richmond, Rodeo, and Hayward in a span of hours.

As KTVU reports, the largest of the sideshows may have been in Vallejo, where around 300 cars gathered and some did donuts just before midnight Saturday near the Blue Rocks Spring Golf Club.

It's not clear if participating cars just kept following social media calls to regroup elsewhere, heading south along East Bay freeways. But another sideshow took shape after midnight in Rodeo, and police also broke up a sideshow outside Hilltop Mall in Richmond.

Video that circulated online showed a woman sitting on the roof of a car, legs dangling through the sunroof, as it speeds down I-80.

A fourth sideshow event, where police reported the sound of bullets being shot into the air, took shape near the Hayward Water Treatment Plant, and lasted about an hour, per KTVU.

No injuries and no arrests were reported.

Police in multipl jurisdictions have tried to crack down on sideshow activity in recent years, with little success — and in Oakland, some city councilmembers have suggested creating a dedicated sideshow area near the Coliseum, but that may be missing the point of these spontaneous, illegal gatherings.

In San Francisco last month, the SFMTA installed speed-bumps and other sideshow deterrents in specific intersections in the Mission, Oceanview, and the Excelsior.

Photo via Island Gyal/Twitter