Reports of the death of the 469 Stevenson high-rise were greatly exaggerated, as the developer has submitted a new plan with stronger retrofitting, and this new version is even one story taller.

Last October, when the SF Board of Supervisors shot down a proposal to build a 27-story residential tower at the current Nordstom’s parking lot at 469 Stevenson, the media pile-on was notable, and lasted an entire year. A Chronicle op-ed said the supervisors “killed” the project, though as we noted in our own coverage, the developer Build Inc. was simply being sent back to the drawing board, with some supes’ chief concern being seismic retrofitting. And remember, this was just four months after the Miami Surfside condominium collapse that killed 98 people.

On last Wednesday's one-year anniversary of the supes’ rejection, there was even a City Hall protest, complete with fake gravestones for the “killed” project. And that same week when a judge tossed out an SF YIMBY lawsuit suing the city over rejecting the project, we additionally noted that the developer Build Inc. was indeed working on a new plan that addressed the supervisors’ concerns.

Folks, that baby is here. Socketsite reports that Build Inc. has submitted a new Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) with their revised plans for the new 469 Stevenson tower. Socketsite also has the goods with a direct link to the new 469 Stevenson EIR, which is multiple hundreds of pages, so admittedly I have not read the entirety of this fresh document yet.

But we have the super-quick version on Build Inc.’s website. “We have submitted a Preliminary Planning Application with design concepts from architect Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB) that include 467 homes with a range of unit types in a single, 28-story tower,” their assessment says. So that means the old proposal of a 27-story tower is now a slightly taller 28-story tower. Though that said, “467 homes” sounds like slightly fewer units than last year’s 495 units, but again, there are plenty more details to flesh out here.

A commenter on Socketsite’s Twitter thread notes having received notice of a “public hearing” on the project which is clearly the Thursday, December 8 Planning Commission meeting. The public notice for that meeting does not yet have an agenda, and agendas generally are not posted until six(-ish) days in advance of the meeting. But that letter does look like what those letters are supposed to look like.

There will by no means be any finality from whatever comes at that December 8 Planning  Commission meeting, but the ball is clearly rolling here. And it’s a safe bet this version of 469 Stevenson will be structurally more sound than the last proposed version of 469 Stevenson. Moreover, if it gets built, it will for sure be a moneymaker for Build Inc., and that “killed” project will eventually make a killing.

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Image: Build SF