• It is going to be a windy day, and bundle up for a chilly fall night tonight. The weather is shifting again, fog is getting blown away, and a cold front with no cloud cover means we are going to feel the chill tonight after sunset. [Chronicle]
  • Around 90,000 people in the Bay Area got an early warning about Tuesday's earthquake via the MyShake app. If you have the app downloaded and your location is set, the app would have sent a 2- to 18-second warning — depending on your distance from the epicenter — if you were expected to have shaking of 4.5M or greater, and this was the biggest event to date since the app came into use in 2019. [KTVU]
  • Tonight's Powerball jackpot is up to $700 million, and there is a sort of complicated explanation for why jackpot sizes lately are being driven by inflation and interest rates. The advertised jackpot is the amount you'd get over 30 years if you took the annuity option — and these are funded by securities being purchased at increasing rates of return — while lump-sum cash payouts are shrinking as a share of the annuity jackpot, with tonight's being only 48%, or $335.7 million. [KARK]
  • A teen boy who was stabbed in a school parking lot in Novato, after school hours on Monday night, is reportedly in critical condition after receiving multiple stab wounds. [Bay Area News Group]
  • CHP officers in Castro Valley are investigating a felony hit-and-run on Monday around 5 p.m. in which a car struck and injured a six-year-old child. [KPIX]
  • A Santa Cruz police officer who lives in Salinas accidentally shot himself and shot another man on Friday, allegedly while cleaning his personal gun at home, and the other man died. [KTVU]

Photo via SutroTower/Twitter