After landscapers found an old Mercedes-Benz convertible buried at an Atherton estate this past Thursday, a media frenzy grew around why it was hidden. Well, police Saturday completely excavated the car and have sent it to a crime lab to help give more details around the whole situation.

We've been keeping tabs on the mysteries (and increasingly strange history behind the former owner of the 12,634-square-foot home) swirling around this 1990s Benz (that was later shown to be reportedly stolen in 1992) since Thursday. What we know is that Johnny Bocktune Lew, who was the former owner of the home, was not only charged with insurance fraud back in 1999 but was also convicted of 2nd-degree murder in 1966... and convicted of attempted murder in 1977.

Lew's criminal history has only fueled accusations as to why this looted Benz was buried. Authorities are still unclear as to why the car was put underground, but they're hoping questions will be answered upon further criminal review of the car.

According to NBC Bay Area, the vehicle was successfully removed from the multi-million dollar estate at 351 Stockbridge Avenue Saturday. Again: cadaver dogs did previously signal for the presence of human remains, but no human remains have been found, thus far — even after the car was completely removed from the property.

Given that Lew had once schemed to sink his yacht by the Golden Gate Bridge to collect the insurance money, maybe he had something similar in mind for this vehicle.

Regardless of the reason, Atherton police officials have said they won’t have any more updates until Monday at the earliest.

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Mystery Unfolding In Atherton As Mercedes Is Found Buried In Yard, Likely From 30 Years Ago

Photo: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons