There are few better ways to cap off a successful night of bar hopping than taking an impromptu trip to Bob's Donuts — the 62-year-old fried dough institution that holds a special place in any San Franciscan's heart. Now, for the first time, the celebrated donut shop is opening up two new locations outside of SF.

You'd be hard-pressed to think of a more well-known donut shop in the Bay Area than Bob's Donuts (barring any chains, mind you). For over six decades, the family-owned business has served thousands of donuts — some of which are the size of a human head —on a daily basis to all sorts of patrons. Bob's Donuts' "Usual Suspects," which is what they describe as their everyday offerings, include staple favorites like apple fritters, cake donuts, and more; anyone who frequents either of Bob's Donuts two SF locations can attest you can never go wrong by going with maple or glazed raised donuts.

Well, now San Jose locals are going to have their taste of these donuts of Bay Area folklore sometime in 2023. But even before then: Mill Valley residents will be treated to a new location from the beloved donut shop sometime next month at 252 Almonte Boulevard, taking the space that was once a Bamboo Hut.

As first reported by Mercury News, the new shops won't be open 24hrs like the donut shop's original location on 1621 Polk Street. Reported business hours will run from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m.; there's, however, a possibility of the store extending evening hours until 9 p.m. in the future, depending on each location's popularity.

These shops are set to boast more contemporary designs — a departure from the nostalgic, no-frills decor found at Bob's Donuts’ original location. But while those familiar aesthetics won't be replicated, what will exist in tandem are the original donut recipes and preparations that's garnered Bob's Donuts a cult-like following, which will undoubtedly follow the new shops.

// Bob's Donuts currently has two locations in San Francisco, the original at 1621 Polk Street and 601 Baker Street; for a full list of donuts and pastries served by Bob's Donuts, including info on the very reasonable "donut challenge," visit

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Photo: Courtesy of Instagram via [at]bobsdonuts