There was a shooting early Saturday, following a busy Friday night of frat parties and activity on and off the UC Berkeley campus, that left four people injured and one dead — none of whom were students or affiliated with the school.

The shooting took place outside the Unit 3 dorm complex on Durant Avenue, west of Telegraph Avenue, just after 1 a.m. Saturday. The Berkeley Scanner broke the news of the shooting, reporting via a witness that the shooting was preceded by "an argument at Telegraph and Durant."

As Berkeleyside reports, students getting late-night snacks and returning to their dorm rooms saw and heard the shooting incident take place near some parked cars, and some later saw bodies lying on the ground as first responders arrived.

Berkeley police put out an advisory about the incident at 1:35 a.m. instructing people to avoid the area.

"We heard something that I thought was fireworks. And it was eight rounds. And we ran inside Taco Bell," says Berkeley resident Jai Kalra, speaking to KTVU. Bullets struck nearby vehicles as well, with a total of 20 shell casings found, and Kalra tells the station that a bullet went into one of his vehicle's tires.

"People just ran anywhere they could, to the closest indoor location they could find,” Kalra told Berkeleyside. “We were scared, and it took me back to the Las Vegas incident.” Kalra was referring to the October 2017 mass shooting at a music festival.

This incident, which was not a mass shooting, appears to have involved several individuals who were in a fight shortly before shots rang out.

UC freshman Ally Matheson told Berkeleyside that she was on her way back to her room in Unit 3 when she saw people scattering from the shooting, and they were telling her not to go near the scene.

Berkeley police have said they don't believe any of the people injured or suspected in the shooting were affiliated with the university, and none were students.

Daphne Feijoo, a UC Berkeley student, tells KTVU, "I saw there were like four dudes inside a car and like they got shot and they basically were like passed out and so police were trying to get them out of the car and just like put them on the floor and there was like blood everywhere."

The shooting follows several weeks of heightened gun violence in nearby Oakland — which just marked its 102nd homicide that same night, on Friday.