• Despite a spread of early hoopla, the brick-and-mortar Midnite Bagel that opened to long lines in June is already about to close its doors. Midnite Bagel will still continue its wholesale business and online store, but the Inner Sunset location’s last day will be October 16, and owner Nick Beitcher vows to look for a “better location.” [Hoodline]
  • Hey everybody, President Biden issued a sweeping mass pardon to every American with a federal marijuana possession conviction! Biden “pardoned all prior federal offenses of simple marijuana possession,” which does not apply to state-level charges or any other charges related to guns or other drugs, but still might goose leftie enthusiasm prior to the midterms. [CNN]
  • SF Animal Care & Control just took away an estimated 30 dogs from a Visitacion Valley woman who just kept letting the dogs reproduce like mad. The woman told KPIX “I want some of them back," which seems highly unlikely, as the case is being treated as a criminal investigation and the dogs are in veterinary custody. [KPIX]
  • A San Francisco man is leading a team in driving a Tesla 12,000 miles from Alaska to the tip of South America, one charging station at a time, in an attempt to raise awareness about charging stations. [KRON-4]
  • A man in Marin County has had a self-built home for 50 years, but now the county wants to evict him and raze everything due to poor code compliance and a bevy of other issues. [NY Times]
  • Employees at the renowned nonprofit Glide are trying to unionize, which is happening at a number of nonprofits, because of low pay and high turnover. [Chronicle]

Image: Joe Kukura, SFist