Hundreds of Alameda residents woke Saturday morning to their cars sitting a bit closer to the ground than they usually would — because some man decided to go on a crime spree, slashing tires around the East Bay city.

Rates of car break-ins, catalytic converter theft, and grand theft auto have all been on the rise. In San Francisco alone, it's estimated that 74 car break-ins are attempted — every single day.

While no pools of broken glass were left outside hundreds of cars in Alameda Friday night, many vehicles, however, saw their tires slashed.

In a report from KRON4, it's estimated upwards of 200 cars were targeted by a criminal who took it upon himself to cut through their tires. It's all understandably "crazy."

“This is crazy,” Bahta Tesfu, who was a victim of the mass tire-slashing, said to the news outlet.

On Saturday, the Alameda Police Department released a statement on Nextdoor, explaining the "felony vandalism," as well as ensuring the public that a 25-year-old man believed to be involved in the incidents was taken into custody.

"Alameda police officers responded to a report of vandalism on the 1600 block of Webster Street," reads the post. "Officers identified damage to multiple vehicles, including punctured tires and scratched paint. Throughout the evening, officers identified over 100 cars in various locations that were damaged and left notes for the owners. During the investigation, officers collected surveillance video that helped identify a 25-year-old Alameda man who was involved in these incidents and took him into custody."

According to Alameda police, most of the tires were slashed between 8:30 p.m. and 11:30 p.m.; dozens of the affected vehicles were parked at the Summer House Apartments Complex where Tesfu lives.

“We’re supposed to be at work early in the morning, but we couldn’t do that,” Tesfu said to KTVU before mentioning that she just had all of them replaced: “I just replaced them (for) $826 last month. Have the receipt. I asked Costco. They said that this was vandalism. They cannot just replace it."

Officers were busy filing vandalism reports yesterday, as each case must be properly recorded for insurance purposes; local towing company Nemo Towing was also apparently busy picking up and dropping off damaged cars.

Alameda Police Department is asking anyone whose vehicle may have been vandalized — which includes any pain scratches or body dents that were also common with the affected cars — between 8:30 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. Friday to email Officer Green at [email protected]; the relevant information Green needs to file a report can be found on the department's post on Nextdoor.

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Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images/MattGush