• The average price of a gallon of regular gas in CA is now about $6.38. In the Bay Area, costs per gallon of regular gas are closer to $6.67 — with prices expected to increase as much as $0.75 in the coming weeks; CA's Inflation Relief checks are expected to start going out next week. [Chronicle/AAA]
  • An small street in SF was renamed in honor of an 84-year-old Thai grandfather who was killed in a brutal attack during the pandemic. “Vicha Ratanapakdee Way″ debuted Saturday and was celebrated with an afternoon gathering that attracted hundreds of people; Ratanapakdee's death became a symbol in the national movement to end hate against Asian Americans. [Chronicle]
  • A woman suffering from a gunshot wound was found dead in San Jose Friday night; a male suspect has since been arrested in relation to the shooting. [KRON4]
  • Some residents in East Palo Alto are experiencing brown water coming out of their faucets. [ABC7]
  • Two separate shootings in Oakland Saturday night killed two people and left at least another three injured; suspects in each shooting have been arrested. [CBS Bay Area]
  • BART trains will be single-tracking all day Sunday near the Pleasant Hill/Contra Costa Centre station and are expected to cause 20-minute delays on the yellow line. [Patch]
  • This weekend's car-free Valencia Street will again open up to vehicles after 10 p.m.; these weekend closures will last at least through October but may be extended for longer. [Mission Local]
  • Don't forget that The Castro Street Fair is today and will run until 6 p.m. with live DJ sets and performances. [castrostreetfair.org]
  • A stampede at an Indonesian soccer match in Malang led to at least 125 people being trampled to death — with the focus of the tragedy not shifting to how on-site police managed the riot. [New York Times]

Photo: Getty Images/TiaoTara