San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone refuses to name the 312 men currently or formerly employed by the SF Archdiocese who are credibly accused of abusing children. Sorry Padre, but on Thursday, the victims are going to release the names anyway.

It is never a good sign if when you Google your own name, the top result references sex crimes against minors. But as seen below, that is what you get when you Google the name of San Francisco's highly cynical and self-promoting archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, with the (sponsored) headline “San Francisco’s Archbishop Cordileone Continues to Stonewall Release of Names of Predator Priests,” followed by the text “If You Were Abused as a Child in California, We Can Provide Safe and Trusted Assistance.”

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Admittedly, SFist has had some fun over the years with Cordileone’s checkered tenure over the local Catholic archdiocese, whether it was his drunk driving, notorious transphobia, or ignoring COVID-19 restrictions and causing superspreaders. But there is absolutely no funny angle to this new NBC Bay Area report that Cordileone is the only California Catholic bishop who will not release the names of priests in his diocese accused of sexually abusing children, a list that victims says is more than 300 men.

“When you don’t publish a list and tell people the truth proactively, it’s a lie,” local chapter leader of Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) Dan McNevin told NBC Bay Area. “And this is a religious institution that talks about morality.”

NBC Bay Area says Cordileone “declined multiple interview requests to discuss the list, along with recent child abuse allegations against San Francisco priests.” Funny, he was never bashful about running his mouth to the national media when it comes to complaining about Nancy Pelosi.

But the archbishop will probably be none too pleased that the victims are planning to release the priests’ names publicly Thursday afternoon, and on the steps of Cordileone’s own Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption. (Will Cordileone spray them with water like he has with homeless people? We will see.) According to SNAP, they have “a list of 312 men publicly accused of sexual abuse in the Archdiocese of San Francisco.” It’s not clear whether these men are all clergy, whether they are currently or formerly employed by the diocese, or whether they are still affiliated with the diocese. But we will know all of this by day’s end.

The Catholic Church abuse scandal is raging again, simultaneous with the emergence of the Southern Baptist Church sex abuse scandal which the New York Times describes as “hundreds of ministers and other church workers whom it described as being 'credibly accused' of sexual abuse.” It’s ironic that these are both playing out amidst a right-wing culture war claiming so-called “grooming" in the LGBTQ community, because in fact, there are hundreds if not thousands of abusers in the anti-LGBTQ, anti-abortion ranks of the clergy.

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Image: Archdiocese of San Francisco