As if more confirmation were necessary, "controversial" San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone has again revealed himself to be a sanctimonious ass. He's done it this time by openly mocking trans people and the LGBT community as a whole. According to the Religion News Service, Cordileone's current target is the "gender ideology" which "threatens the very foundation of the church’s faith."

“The clear biological fact is that a human being is born either male or female,” Cordileone said at a Manhattan conference. (He is incorrect.) And, no joke, this conference was "aimed at promoting an older form of the Mass in Latin." Talk about bringing the church into the 21st Century.

"[N]ow we have the idea gaining acceptance that biological sex and one’s personal gender identity can be at variance with each other, with more and more gender identities being invented,” Cordileone continued. Mentioning that a friend cited a number of gender identities advertised as options for university housing, Cordileone scoffed, adding “I’m sure even more will be invented as time goes on.” That one got a hearty laugh from the audience of 200 bigoted Catholics. Of the LGBT acronym, Cordileone noted “Those initials keep getting longer and longer.”

So, for that matter, does Cordileone's rap sheet. Most recently, the Archbishop stepped in it with a move to include "morality clauses" in the contracts of teachers and staff at Catholic high schools asking that they “affirm and believe” "homosexual relations," birth control, and masturbation to be “gravely... intrinsically” evil. That's gotten the Archbishop in hot holy water, most notably with 100 local catholic leaders who bought and signed a full page ad in the Chronicle this April calling on the Pope for Cordileone's immediate removal.

Do Cordileone's views represent a larger bigotry and regressiveness on the part of the Catholic Church? Removing him would seem to answer the question. And there's plenty of grounds for that, not least his 2012 incidence of drunk driving.

Jesus Christ, this guy.

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