• Enjoy this two-day spat of mild weather — because temperatures will grow hotter starting Monday. While cloud coverage isn't all to thick, we can expect the same mild temperatures that transpired Friday... but rest assured things are going to start heating up next week; parts of the East Bay are forecasted to reach over 95 degrees Fahrenheit by Monday afternoon. [Twitter]
  • Grizzly bears in California have been locally extinct for nearly a century. The question is: Should they be brought back into the wild? (The answer is "yes," due to the massive hole in ecosystems they've left, but reintroduction practices must be done methodically to avoid avoidable animal deaths by way of car collisions and to mitigate dangerous encounters with residents of the state.) [Chronicle]
  • The Castro's decades-old "The Hope For The World Cure" mural was recently restored and was painted with three new additions. [Hoodline]
  • Santa Clara County has vamped up its monkeypox vaccine administration rates, courtesy of a new technique that uses intradermal injections, which are done just under the top layer of skin, and requires just a fifth of the usual dose needed for subcutaneous injections. [ABC7]
  • A Thursday morning car crash destroyed donations collectively worth thousands of dollars after a vehicle lost control and swerved into Oakland’s Homies Empowerment building on MaCarthur Boulevard. [NBC Bay Area]
  • The Bay Area-based, Black-owned business That’s My Jam is here to change your ideas on what muddled fruits can do to various foods. [The Bold Italic]
  • Nearly a year into his four-year-long journey, French documentary maker Victor Rault remains in the Galapagos to record his experiences checking up on the same species Charles Darwin described in his groundbreaking research around the five theories of evolution. [Mongabay]
  • Stacey Abrams, who was once a self-described abortion rights foe, is wielding her change of heart as a tool to help others understand the importance of safeguarding reproductive rights. [NYT]

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images/JasonDoley