• Things are getting verrry interesting in the residency dispute over whether District 4 supervisor candidate Leanna Louie actually lives in District 4, with a new referral for a DA investigation, and City Attorney David Chiu demanding a meeting with her on the matter. Mission Local broke this story last week, and now that there are investigations, she gave that site some deliciously snotty quotes like “You and the Weather Underground can wait” (a reference to Chesa Boudin, whose recall she advocated for). [Mission Local]
  • BART is knocking 50% off fares for the whole month of September to celebrate their 50th anniversary — but there’s a Clipper catch. You only get the discount if you use a Clipper Card to pay your fare, and by the way, the Clipper Card still costs three bucks. But still, 50% off! [KPIX]
  • Assemblymember Matt Haney and SF Supervisor Dean Preston are suddenly sparring on Twitter over a state housing review and that blocked SoMa housing project. Both Preston and Haney seem to feel it is politically advantageous to them to rehash these issues on Twitter, Preston because it emphasizes the shortage of affordable housing, and Haney because it helps his union cred by creating more unionized construction jobs. [Chronicle]
  • The ACLU and Electronic Frontier Foundation have filed an appeal of a federal ruling on San Francisco’s use of private security cameras against protesters during Black Lives Matter protests. [KTVU]  
  • There was yet another fire at the Wood Street encampment in West Oakland, where no one was injured, but it may influence legal proceedings on the encampment’s clearing. [KRON-4]  
  • 1015 Folsom is doing an abortion rights fundraiser dance party Friday night, featuring Heidi Lawden and Nina Sol. [KQED]

Image: @bigtimp via Twitter