• Surveillance footage shot Wednesday shows two Asian women — one of them 65 years old — being brutally assaulted by a man donning a black hoodie. The first incident involved an elderly Asian woman walking east along Geary Street who, after being punched several times, fell onto a car and set off its alarm, saw the man flee the scene... to only minutes later attack another Asian woman as she crossed the street; residents of the neighborhood are "more afraid" amid another spat of violence aimed at members of  Asian communities; SFPD has said no arrest has been made in the case... and detectives have only vague descriptions of the suspect. [NBC Bay Area]
  • A French bulldog was stolen from a boy in Oakland. The 14-year-old was strolling just outside his family's apartment complex on Foothill Boulevard in Oakland when a man held him at gunpoint, snatching "Bella"; the dog has yet to be recovered. [KRON4]
  • We've now entered a time where notes splayed on car windows that read, more or less, "don't break windows there's nothing valuable in here" are being met with notes from thieves that are asking for money – so they can "stop stealing." [ABC7]
  • With concerns around their looming displacement, a cohort of East Bay artists has successfully convinced the Oakland Planning Commission to deny a renovation proposal that would see them evicted from their live-work spaces. [Oaklandside]
  • East San Jose's Truly Night — a public outdoor event that now sees more than 20 vendors populate a space near the Tully Road Ballfields on Wednesday nights — is only a month old... but already is a massive hit. [Hoodline]
  • With a global pandemic and growing public health and environmental crises swirling, this poignant piece published by the Associated Press today delves into what dictates a national emergency – and what doesn’t. [Associated Press]

Photo: Getty Images/Sundry Photography