• This 36-year-old man was arrested Tuesday for entering a UC Berkeley Greek system residence — and showing his genitals off to students. The Berkeley Police Department shared the incident (and coinciding arrest) in a Facebook post on Friday, noting that the suspect also later walked outside to the front patio area, where he removed his pants... and started masturbating; a not-mentioned amount of methamphetamine and sex paraphernalia was found on him upon his arrest. [KRON4]
  • A 31-year-old woman could be convicted of second-degree murder for allegedly striking and killing a bicyclist on State Highway 1 in San Mateo County last month. County prosecutors involved in the case said Friday that Samantha Mei Hartwell has been accused of swerving her Nissan into 60-year-old bicyclist Thomas Hampe, knocking him down an embankment where he died, and then allegedly entering into oncoming traffic and hitting a Subaru, seriously injuring two passengers inside the vehicle; Hartwell was allegedly driving intoxicated when those collisions occurred around 4:20 p.m. on June 25. [CBS News Bay Area]
  • The Oak Fire in Mariposa County has exploded to 1,300 acres — and forcing evacuations. [ABC7]
  • While the war in Ukraine continues, Bay Area Tigrayans, Amharas, and other Ethiopians are trying to make it more known about the present civil war occurring in their home country, which has claimed around 500,000 lives by some estimates. [Oaklandside]
  • IYKYK: The Obama Portraits Tour stop at the de Young Museum breaks the contemporary molds on how a President and First Lady should look (and be depicted on canvas). [Datebook]
  • Charred after a tent erupted on fire in April, the Amos Goldbaum mural at 15th and Church streets is now being restored to its former glory. [Hoodline]
  • And a bit of sweet, oh-so-sweet justice: Steve Bannon was found guilty on all accounts of contempt for defying the January 6 committee subpoena, and he might face up to two years in federal prison when sentenced. [CNN]

Photo: Getty Images/Sundry Photography