• Nicholas John Roske, the California man accused of stalking and potentially threatening to kill Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, pleaded not guilty on Wednesday. Roske, 26, allegedly texted his intentions to his sister after flying from California to DC, and then called 911 on himself. [CNN]
  • The Supreme Court just released its first major decision in fourteen years on the scope of the Second Amendment, and of course the 6-3 conservative majority voted to strike down a gun-control law in New York. The decision likely invalidates similar laws in California and five other states which require gun license seekers to provide a "proper cause" for carrying a gun outside their home. [New York Times]
  • The court also issued a 6-3 decision in a Miranda rights case, limiting the ability of individuals to sue for damages when their own statements — given before they're properly Mirand-ized — are used against them in court. [CNN]
  • The San Mateo PD put out an advisory Thursday morning warning residents on the 300 block of Monte Diablo Avenue to "stay inside" while they were serving search warrants in the vicinity. [KRON4]
  • Delays continue on BART's Concord line with trains single-tracking following Tuesday's partial derailment. [KRON4]
  • There's been some new chatter about Gavin Newsom's presidential ambitions, but he made recent comments suggesting he has no intention of running anytime soon. [KTVU]
  • A senior at Nevada Union High School in Nevada City who served this year as the student member of the local school board describes how many people "parachuted in" to fight over the district's mask mandate, but the schools themselves had to deal with the fallout with teachers. [CalMatters]

Photo: Jesse Collins