A fire broke out in the Dahlia Hotel on Turk Street around 5:40 a.m. Wednesday, spreading to multiple floors, and it has displaced 25 residents.

According to the San Francisco Fire Department, the fire began on the second floor and a second alarm was immediately called. The fire would soon spread to the upper floors of the building. About 40 minutes after it began, the SFFD announced on Twitter that the fire was contained, as of 6:20 a.m.

Initially, no injuries were reported as a result of the fire, but a subsequent tweet said that one adult had suffered "minor injuries."

The SRO (single-room occupancy hotel) at 74 Turk Street (between Mason and Taylor), called the Dahlia Hotel, is not listed among properties used by the city for supportive housing, and appears to be a standard, longtime SRO with low rates. It has no website or Yelp reviews. It sits across Turk Street from the new hotel and condo development known as The Line and Serif, respectively.

A short story that takes place at the Dahlia is high among Google search results for the place, and describes an SRO inhabited by residents struggling with addiction, "with clean bathrooms and a special garbage shoot for needles."

The hotel, built in 1907, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and a plaque says it has also gone by the names Hotel Taylor and Hotel Thames. The entry hall floor apparently has a terrazzo floor and the resident depicted in the story is quoted saying, "It reminds me of tiles from Pompeii. Whenever I pass through this entryway, I feel like I’m stepping out of a shit-hole and into in ancient Greece, but just for a moment."

Photo: Google Street View