San Francisco police rescued an absolutely adorable group of ducklings from a storm drain in Oracle Park Sunday morning. It's the feel-good, serotonin-soaked faunal content we all could use right about now.

Around 6:30 a.m. Sunday, local police officers near Oracle Park noticed a duck in distress, squawking and visibly distraught. Upon further investigation, the on-site SF police officers found that the duck was, in fact, a mother — and her ducklings had fallen through a metal grate into a drain.

According to a tweet from SFPD, several ducklings — that would have otherwise been trapped in the drain and unable to escape — were saved by officers after hearing their quacks for help. Once reunited, the mother and her young feathered kin waddled safely back into the San Francisco Bay.

Fun fact: There are at least 21 types of duck species that call San Francisco home and, right now, many of them are either hatching eggs or rearing young birds that will reach their adult body size in just two months.

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Photo: Courtesy of Twitter via @SFPD