• A victim of "Happy Face Killer" Keith Hunter Jesperson who was found by the side of Highway 152 in Gilroy in 1993 has been identified. The woman was identified via familial DNA as Patricia Skiple of Colton, Oregon, who was 45 at the time. [Associated Press]
  • A bucket of flooring adhesive glue fell off a truck on the San Mateo Bridge on Monday, causing a major traffic backup and "sticky situation." The wet glue on the roadway caused damage to several cars that drove through it. [ABC 7]
  • A Berkeley High School student died in a fall from a parking structure at lunchtime on Monday, and many students witnessed it. It's not clear if the fall was intentional. [KTVU]
  • Fire officials in San Francisco say that a roofing crew may have been responsible for starting the three-alarm fire in West Portal on Monday. The fire damaged several businesses and a post office near the intersection of West Portal and 14th avenues. [KTVU]
  • A Stanford University employee and her brother have been sentenced to more than a year in prison plus restitution for stealing millions of dollars worth of laptops that the woman ordered for faculty as part of her job. [Mercury News]
  • Moderna announced Tuesday that it had seen positive results in antibody production from a combination vaccine, and it is hoping to have an Omicron-targeting booster perhaps later this year. [Associated Press]
  • A legal effort centered on the January 6th insurrection to get Marjorie Taylor Greene removed from the November ballot is moving forward. [New York Times]

Photo: SFFD/Twitter