• The SF County Transportation Authority gave us our first map of a potential Geary Street/19th Avenue subway, which would extend Muni out Geary Street to 19th Avenue, and then possibly down to the Daly City BART station. But curb your enthusiasm, people, as the plan comes in a “request for funds,” and you know how long the Chinatown central subway is taking. [@urbenschneider via Twitter]
  • A former Cupertino Middle School teacher was arrested for the alleged 2009 rape of a student. The Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety says that Anthony James Phillips “was a teacher at Cupertino Middle School in Sunnyvale, CA and the victim was a student at the same school,” and while he is now retired, he’s “currently a volunteer softball and basketball coach at Fremont High School in Sunnyvale, CA.” [Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety via Facebook]
  • If you have an Easter Cable Car  — which apparently SFMTA does, then this is the week you pull that baby out  — which SFMTA has done. There has been no schedule announced, but we got a look at this year’s Easter cable car, which is appropriately festooned with flowers, pennants, and Easter joy. [@VLupiz via Twitter]  
  • Southwest Airlines is beefing up their Bay Area service, adding more than a dozen flights a day to Oakland and San Jose, starting June 5. [KRON-4]
  • An Outer Sunset bakery is fighting a $4,460 fine from Public Works for over-pruning their trees, but the neighborhood is circulating a petition to get the fine eliminated. [Chronicle]
  • Comedian Gilbert Gottfried, who turned a generation on to bad movies with USA Up All Night and later found success voicing animated films like Aladdin, died Tuesday of complications to his myotonic dystrophy. He was 67. [NBC News]  

Image: @VLupiz via Twitter