• Sacramento police have identified another suspect in the April 3 shooting in downtown Sacramento that is now believed to be gang-related. Police are now searching for 27-year-old Mtula Payton, who is wanted on multiple felony warrants. [CBS Sacramento]
  • Around 50 eighth-graders from Marin County just came back from a trip to D.C. with COVID. The students were caught in a wave of new infections happening in the Northeast, and most are showing mild symptoms. [Chronicle]
  • A five-month-old infant, named in the press as Baby Aitana, was found safe near the Nevada border with her 21-year-old mother, Veronica Lara Ramirez, after going missing from a Mountain View apartment. The father of the child said Ramirez had made "concerning" statements prior to disappearing with another man. [KRON4]
  • Nancy Pelosi has tested negative for COVID a week after being positive, and is exiting her isolation. [The Hill]
  • Richard Barnett, the 61-year-old Arkansas man who was photographed sitting at Pelosi's desk on January 6th, has rejected a plea deal offered by the government. [KRON4]
  • New York police are now hunting for a suspect in Tuesday's subway train shooting, Frank James, who has addresses in Wisconsin and Philadelphia, and who apparently rented a U-Haul in Philadelphia and dropped a key at the scene of the crime. [KRON4] Update: James has been arrested.
  • You thought it was freezing in SF the past couple days? South Lake Tahoe just broke a record with a low of 7 degrees this morning. [Chronicle]

Photo: Caleb Woods