A few hours after a four-alarm fire razed the Port of Benicia, another large blaze erupted at the San Jose Home Depot store on the 900 block of Blossom Hill Road. In fact: The blaze got so hot that its heat signature could be observed from space.

Massive blankets of deep black smoke choked the skies above South San Jose Saturday as a large five-alarm fire completely obliterated a local Home Depot location in the Blossom Hill neighborhood. At one point, a shelter-in-place order was issued for residents in the El Lisa Drive area due to the heavy smoke produced from the structure fire.

"Those in the path of smoke are advised to continue to shelter in place with windows/doors closed," the San Jose Fire Department said via Twitter Saturday afternoon. The order was lifted later in the evening, though fire officials still warned nearby residents should close their windows and opt to stay inside if they detect any lingering smoke.

As of Sunday morning, the jaw-droppingly-large blaze has — thanks to the help from additional City agencies, like the San Jose Police Department and Santa Clara County Ambulance — now been reduced to a smolder. During the height of the fire, its heat signature registered so hot that it could be detected from space.

"[The] Structure fire seen from space!," tweeted the SF Bay Area chapter of the National Weather Service after noticing that the five-alarm fire was visible from outerspace. "GOES-West Meso Sector [Satellite] picking off a heat signature just south of San Jose."

Just how high off the earth's surface is the said aforenoted satellite orbiting? Somewhere around 12,600 miles — making the observance even more impressive.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported to fire personnel or citizens at this incident. It remains unclear what caused the structural fire; an investigation into the blaze is still underway, but it has been determined the fire began in the lumber and drywall section of the store.

Both fire investigators from the San Jose Fire Department, as well as the agency's firefighters, will remain on the scene over the next few days as the investigation continues to ensure any and all hotspots are completely snuffed out.

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Photo: Courtesy of Twitter via GMA