CHP pulled over Lamar Thorpe, the mayor of Antioch, Friday night on suspicion of driving under the influence. Thorpe was later cited with a DUI and though he posted a video on Twitter Saturday apologizing for his actions, he's staying guarded on specific details, heeding "advice of counsel.”

On average, California DMV records show that around 225,000 DUI-related charges are issued across the state on an annual basis. Antioch Mayor Lamare Thorpe recently found himself included in that statistic after he was stopped by CHP Friday evening.


“Although I never felt inhibited by the drink I had with my dinner, I’m deeply sorry for the lapse in judgment and I hope you can forgive me,” he said in a video uploaded to Twitter — seemingly reading from a pre-prepared statement positioned off-camera. As KTVU reported, there were no collisions or injuries involving Lamare's DUI citation.

Per the Chronicle, Thorpe was elected mayor of the NorCal city of 111,000 residents in 2020; Thorpe previously served as a city councilman, where he spearheaded progressive initiatives, including police reform. However, the newspaper noted that Thorpe has as of late become a focal point of a recall effort... where some Antioch residents have accused him of disrespecting people who don't side with his ideas during City Council meetings.

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Photo: Screenshot via Twitter