Wind advisories in effect left the Sierra's often already dangerous roads even more treacherous, as a trucker was killed due to high winds on a Sierra Nevada highway on Tuesday. A tractor-trailer was toppled during the unexpected gust of wind in Mono County.

According to the East Bay Times, the fatal crash was caused by a tractor-trailer that was holding an empty 53-foot box trailer. High winds pushed the trailer over leaving a 61-year-old Riverside man with fatal wounds and his passenger hospitalized with a minor shoulder injury.

Caltrans warned high-profile vehicles to not drive throughout Mono County because of the gusty winds, per reporting from SFGate. Motorists that are driving campers and high-load vehicles should also avoid traveling on the 395 highway during such wind advisories. Drivers were also advised to put tire chains on their vehicles when driving through State Route 158 and parts of the Highways 395 in Mono County.


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These high winds are all due to the unexpected rain that occurred throughout the county, along with heavy rainfall and hail. Winter weather advisories were sent out for mountain ranges north and east of Los Angeles, following the high heat temperatures that swept the city. These weather changes have made the Weather Service issue several warnings within the week. One of them being in the Mariposa, Madera and Fresno county portions of Sierra Nevada, including most of Yosemite National Park.

Snow even fell on Interstate 5 in Tejon Pass in the Tehachapi Mountains north of Los Angeles, prompting forecasters to advise drivers from traveling this route. Another route that was restricted was State Route 14 from the Los Angeles County line to Highway 395 and State Route 58 from 15 miles west of Techahapi to the San Bernardino County line.

Although California is in need of more rainfall and snow, it’s caused more unexpected changes than usual. Pasadena and parts of LA received some aftermath of hail turning yards white after a plethora of thunderstorms occurred through Wednesday evening. The cold low-pressure system also affected San Francisco with light rain and drizzle. The National Weather Service said the system brought 1 to 3 inches of snow to parts of the Sierra.