The proprietor of the renowned Creme Brûlée Cart drizzled the Precita Park area with a big ol’ free pancake party, and he’ll flap your jacks with a follow-up party this Saturday.

We’ve been following the exploits of the Creme Brûlée Cart since 2009, when the artisan brûlée proprietor on wheels first started popping up in San Francisco parks. Now more than ten years later, the cart has closed and the flow of gourmet custard stopped in 2016. But Creme Brûlée Cart guy Branson Kimball got a wild hair and decided to just throw a giant free pancake party near Precita Park last weekend. The party attracted nearly 75 neighbors, according to KGO.

Powered by flour and flyers, Kimball donned his wacky chef hat and drew a crowd with a pile of more than 125 pancakes.  

“I was just looking to connect with people,” Kimball told NewsNationNow. I was trying to find the lowest common denominator, something that no one can be mad at and I figured pancakes was the way to go.”

The pancake party has drawn all manner of media attention, including television coverage, clearly to the delight of Kimball’s young daughter. “That’s Daddy! That’s Daddy TV!” she exclaims in the video above.

Yes, young lady, that is Daddy TV.

Pancake fanatics will get another chance this coming Saturday, February 12, when Kimball will do it all again. Another pancake party from 9-11 a.m. on Alabama Street between Cesar Chacez and Precita Avenue, and you can follow the dedicated Twitter account @pancakeswfrnds for more information.

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Image: @cremebruleecart via Twitter