Can't wait for #totfest this Friday, July 14 at @barebottle! We've got some awesome new flavors to share. Details at!

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A food truck and catering operation called Jackrabbit Kitchen announced that they're hosting a Tater Tot Fest this weekend, on July 14, and as is the way with all things mildly novel and involving a food truck, thousands of people on social media think this sounds like an amazing idea. At present, 8.9K people are "interested" in the Facebook event, which is happening from 5 to 9 p.m. at Barebottle Brewing Co. in Bernal Heights, and 720 people claim they are "going" as of this writing.

Live 105 picked up on the news, which can only make matters worse for the tot line, and the beer line. But if there's one thing we've learned at SFist over the years, SF Millennials love a good line.

Jackrabbit is promising some "awesome new flavors to share" in the tot department, "in addition to our classic cheddar-scallion," and yes, there will be beer pairings.

Jackrabbit's typical truck menu features chicken, pork, lamb, and tofu sliders using "the best ingredients from Northern California’s farms and ranches," in addition to the cheddar-scallion tots. But, apparently, the tots have been a hit, and they're broadening their tot horizons.

Not to over-explain this, but tater tots are just one of a bevy of comfort foods that have been back in vogue in recent years and popping up on menus all over the city going back about four years at least. And who doesn't love a tater tot? Here you can check out SFist's list of the best tater tots, as well as one of the newest entries in the category, at The Saratoga.