The popular Woods Island Club will be getting a new, slightly different incarnation this spring — and possibly as early as late February — in the iconic Administration Building on Treasure Island.

There won't be a faux beach at the new TI location, sadly, but Woods Beer & Wine Co. is rushing to reopen its outpost on the island after a sewer problem permanently shut down their previous digs on the east side of the island during the early pandemic. The new location in the renovated, highly visible, semi-circular Administration Building that was part of the former U.S. Navy complex on the island is one of multiple new retail spaces that brewery owner Jim Woods hopes will become like a mini Ferry Building across the Bay, with other local food and beverage artisans moving in.

As Woods tells the Chronicle this week, the team is "scrambling" to get the new taproom open in time for the launch of the new six-minute ferry service from the Ferry Building in SF later this month.

"I’m pretty sure it’s the least windy spot on the island," Woods says of the new digs, and he refers to the Administration Building as "the crown jewel of Treasure Island."

The former, mostly outdoor Woods Island Club, facing Clipper Cove and overlooking the eastern span of the Bay Bridge, opened in the fall of 2016, and featured Adirondack chairs, volleyball, and a uniquely mellow Bayside vibe — even if it could get windy at times.

Woods currently has four other taproom locations in San Francisco, including its first one at the corner of 18th and Church next to Dolores Park — which opened as Cerveceria de MateVeza in late 2011, taking inspiration from Argentina and serving empanadas with its beers. (One of the brewery's flagship brews is an IPA made with caffeinated yerba mate.) The other locations are on Polk Street in Russian Hill, in the Outer Sunset, and in the Lower Haight (the former Mad Dog in the Fog space).

Per the Chronicle, Woods had to close its Uptown Oakland taproom and production facility in late 2020 due to a rent hike, but Jim Woods says that they've now relocated that production equipment to the new space on Treasure Island.

Also in the works is a distilling operation — Woods plans to start with gin — and a sixth taproom in Marin County's San Anselmo. (It's a former Goodwill in downtown San Anselmo, and the landlord is the same as Woods' Outer Sunset landlord.)

Woods has been especially good at marketing its experimental beers on social media — with its annual release of Girl Scout Cookie-inspired beers being a popular highlight. In the last couple of years, Woods has expanded to make its own wines, tea-bittered beers called gruits, and trendy beer-wine hybrids, which it sells in large-format, in wine bottles. All of these are available by the can or bottle at their taproom locations.

Last year, Woods began producing a Treasure Island-specific beer, dubbed Treasure Ryeland, which blends rye with English Maris Otter malt, and the new American hop variety, Strata.

Yelp has an estimated opening timeframe for the new Woods Island Club of February 15, but it may come a week or two later than that. Check the brewery's Instagram for the latest updates. Bear in mind there will be no food available at the new taproom, but food trucks will start being scheduled soon after the opening.

The new ferry service to Treasure Island was supposed to launch on January 1, but a delay involving a signoff by the CPUC has pushed it until late February.

Ferries will run from the Ferry Building to a new ferry dock across from the Administration Building on Treasure Island 12 to 17 times per day, as the Chronicle reported last week. Fares will be $5 each way, and the ferries will apparently be unscheduled — so they'll depart regularly as boats fill up. The ride will take just under six minutes.

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Photo: Jared Erondu