Well well well. A couple hailed as heroes by Tucker Carlson for their brave work expressing the fears of ignorant white people back in 2020 has just been arrested for allegedly burglarizing a dead man's home — and get this! Police also say they had a bunch of meth in their house!

54-year-old David Nelson and 43-year-old Nicole Anderson have allegedly continued being up to no good over there in Martinez. And their activities since becoming right-wing nutjob darlings during the height of post-George Floyd Black Lives Matter fervor in July 2020 apparently include stealing stuff from a dead guy, and doing/selling methamphetamine.

As Bay Area News Group reports, in early December, neighbors flagged some suspicious activity at odd hours outside a recently deceased man's home on Adler Avenue in Walnut Creek. Two cars that were later linked to Nelson and Anderson were observed parked outside the home on December 4, and then Nelson was pulled over in the area of the home by a Contra Costa County sheriff's deputy the next day. A search of his car came up with 80 grams of meth and some of the dead guy's property, according to court documents.

Then, on December 22, deputies served a search warrant at the couple's home in Martinez, and found another 120 grams of meth, as well as more of the dead guy's property.

Things don't look great for Nelson and Anderson now as they face charges of second degree burglary, and Nelson faces two additional charges of possessing methamphetamine for sale. And they have yet to stand trial for the July 2020 vandalism — that trial was supposed to happen sometime this year.

As you'll likely recall, a very agitated Ms. Anderson was seen aggressively trying to paint-roll over a large Black Lives Matter street mural on Court Street in Martinez in early July 2020, while Anderson, wearing a "Four More Years" Trump 2020, took video of the incident on his phone. Anderson could also be heard explaining to onlookers, who were taking their own video (seen below), that they were "sick of the narrative of racism" and saying it was a "leftist lie."

Pointing to the mural, Anderson said, "[This] shit can happen in New York. This is not happening in my town."

Several days later, the district attorney charged them with a hate crime, violation of civil rights, and vandalism.

Not much has been said about the intersection of suburban meth use, racism, and Trump support — but maybe more should be said!

Nelson and Anderson are due in court on February 7 to be arraigned on the new charges.