• The Oakland City Council on Tuesday voted to make February 27 Oscar Grant Day, marking Grant's birthday. The designation of the day comes after advocacy work by Oscar Grant's mother, Wanda Johnson, 12 years after Grant was killed by BART police. [KTVU]
  • The PG&E Fire Victim Trust just received a $1 billion influx of cash via an installment payment by PG&E. The trust has paid out $1.88 billion to date to more than 35,000 victims, but this still only represents a fraction of what the victims are owed. [NBC Bay Area]
  • SF's Board of Supervisors took their second vote Tuesday and unanimously approved a resolution to offer a formal apology to the city's Chinese community for wrongs done to their ancestors, becoming the fourth U.S. city to take such a step. [NBC Bay Area]
  • Stanford University says COVID infections on campus are down 45%, but there are still around 350 recorded, active infections among students, faculty, and staff. [Chronicle]
  • A garbage truck struck and killed a pedestrian in San Jose this morning. [KRON4]
  • Elon Musk is still arguing about his 2018 tweet claiming he was taking Tesla private, for which he was fined $40 million by the SEC. [Bloomberg]
  • The U.S. isn't sending troops into Ukraine, but Biden just sent 3,000 troops to help protect NATO allies in Eastern Europe. [New York Times]

Photo: Jeff Hopper