• Buck up, comedy fans disappointed by the SF Sketchfest cancellation, because “Weird Al” Yankovic is coming to the Golden Gate Theatre in June. A two-night affair will feature all non-parody songs, both nights will have completely different sets, and our old friend Emp Philips will be opening. [Broadway SF]
  • Pot dispensary-owning Vallejo City Councilmember Hakeem Brown, who dodged domestic violence allegations while running for mayor, is making news again for some awfully profane emails to constituents. Among his choices bits are “Lol fuck you,” “Lol I will not sit down. Not for any of you Karens,” and “Lol is this the trick I saw coming out of a fake massage parlor? Stfu Gary. Stop bitching.” [Chronicle]
  • The 2020 Prop. I real estate tax hike on property sales higher than $10 million is expected to bring nearly $200 million a year to the city’s coffers. A joint report from the City Controller, Mayor’s Office, and city Budget Analyst says “Proposition I is projected to generate $170.6 million in each of the forecast years,” and you’d better believe the measure’s author Dean Preston is making a to-do about this on Twitter. [SF Controller]
  • An Oakland man has been federally charged for firing his handgun in a Tenderloin road-rage shooting, and oh, he also allegedly had 40 grams of fentanyl on him. [KRON-4]
  • The controversial sale of Diamond Heights land for condos will move forward, as the developer has made enough concessions to satisfy neighborhood opponents. [Chronicle]
  • House minority leader Kevin McCarthy has significant problems on his hands, as CNN unearthed audio of him post-insurrection saying, “I say [Trump] has responsibility. He told me personally that he does have some responsibility. I think a lot of people do.” [CNN]

Image: @tony873004 via Twitter