A pair of thieves who were seen stealing tools out of the back of a construction worker's pickup truck in San Francisco's Golden Gate Heights neighborhood fired a parting gunshot as they fled the area, after a neighbor tried to get video of their license plate.

The incident happened Wednesday morning on 11th Avenue near Ortega Street, in Golden Gate Heights. As NBC Bay Area reports, multiple neighbors noticed a suspicious silver hatchback stopped in the middle of the street around 8:15 a.m. Wednesday. One neighbor, who saw two suspect's taking items out of a construction crew's truck, ran out of his house with cellphone in hand, and the thieves got into the waiting vehicle and took off — but not without firing a warning shot back at the vigilant neighbor.

The whole thing can be seen from multiple angles of surveillance video, thanks to the multiple cameras neighbors have installed due to rising crime in the area.

In the video, you can see the man ducking when the shot was fired.

"My neighbor came out trying to videotape their license plate. He wasn’t chasing them really hard, just following them," said Brian Seto, speaking to NBC Bay Area. "Then I heard a loud pop."

Neighbors say the incident was especially frightening because so many people are typically out walking dogs and taking kids to school at that time of the morning, and they're thankful no one was hit by the bullet.

The SFPD is reportedly investigating — with plenty of video evidence to go on — and they recovered one shell casing.

The incident follows a year in which many San Franciscans continue to feel like property crime is running rampant in the city. And while official statistics show property crime was actually 11% below pre-pandemic levels in 2021, the larger issue is that the types of crimes being committed most often changed during the pandemic — with fewer tourist rental cars targeted with break-ins, and more homes and garages burglarized instead. This has put many previously quiet, low-crime neighborhoods on edge.