A $10 monthly “taco subscription” entitles you to one taco every day for 30 days, but you have to go pick it up yourself, and “prices may vary by location.”

You cannot fault stoner-courting fast-food chain Taco Bell for their litany of “free taco” promotions, wherein they offer you one free taco (generally priced between $1.70 and $2, probably with actual food cost of around 18 cents) just in order to get you into the store. Once you’re in, they figure you will probably buy at least an additional soda, or some other menu item with a superlative like “Cheesy,” “Fiesta,” or “Supreme” in its name.

This tactic is somewhat supersized in a new promotion, as KRON4 reports Taco Bell is offering a “taco subscription service” called the Taco Lover’s Pass. The general gist of this is that you pay $10, which entitles you to one taco at no additional charge every day for 30 consecutive days. But reading the details of the deal, this works nothing like an actual food subscription service, it merely uses those words because they are trendy in food marketing at the moment.

According to the official Taco Bell press release, “Available starting today exclusively on the Taco Bell app, the Taco Lover's Pass allows fans to redeem one of seven iconic tacos a day for 30 consecutive days at participating U.S. locations, all for the price of $10*.”

Wait, is there an asterisk at the end of that sentence? There sure is, and this “deal” has several qualifiers. First, “Pass price may vary by the pickup location you select,” so this $10 is not written in stone.  You also get the standard “While supplies last,” and “Substitutions may incur an upcharge.”  

You have to download the Taco Bell app, so this is a follower acquisition strategy. Nothing against that, but SFist will under no circumstances download the Taco Bell app to try this. But the tweet below seems to show it works, and of course they’re immediately trying to upsell you on Cinnamon Twists or a Baja Mountain Dew Blast before you even order your taco.

But is this even a deal? Depends on how close you live to a Taco Bell. Thirty tacos for $10 would be a nice deal in a vacuum, but you only get one per day, so you have to physically go to the Taco Bell itself. That’s a lot of trips to Taco Bell, and the only freebie you’re getting is $1.70-$2 in value.

But if anyone out there wants to eat Taco Bell for 30 days in a row and make a documentary about what happens to your intestines, SFist would gladly watch that documentary.

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Image: Lance L. via Yelp