This past year, we’ve all become accustomed to ordering in food delivery for our own safety and sanity. But, is food delivery really as affordable, convenient, and supportive of your favorite local restaurants as it can be? After factoring all of the hidden service fees, you actually end up paying an unexpected, premium price for your food. Also, when you’re busy working from home, glued to your computer, and in a time crunch, finding time to order your food and then spending the next 30 minutes to an hour hangry is anything but an efficient use of your time. At a time when we’re all trying to help out one another and support our local businesses, most delivery services actually cut into the profits of local restaurants. So, how can food delivery be better?

Meet Club Feast

Meet Club Feast, the hot new start-up that believes food delivery should be delicious, available to all who need it - not something that is cost or time prohibitive - and supportive of the local restaurants you love. Club Feast is a subscription-based restaurant delivery service that offers its subscribers a diverse range of signature dishes from neighborhood favorites for only $5.99 per meal, which is up to 50% less than on-demand delivery services. Even better, you pre-schedule the time of your delivery day by day or for the week at once. So, say goodbye to all that stressful and hangry waiting time during your busy workday. The best of it all? Club Feast has no membership fee.

Club Feast Offers Your Local Favorites

In a time when we’re all looking for some sense of comfort and normalcy, Club Feast offers the best of your favorite local restaurants and hotspots. Choose from a wide variety of delicious dishes like a Gluten-Free Pulled Pork Bowl from Kitava, a Gyro Platter from Halal Guys available in both SF and Oakland, or a Meltburger with fries from The Melt in Downtown. Farther south, enjoy Chili Chicken Curry from Mama’s Kitchen in South San Francisco or Fried Chicken and Waffles from Keith’s in Daly City. In Oakland, enjoy delicious chicken kebab bowl from Ottoman Eats or an Eggplant Parm from Montesacro.

Club Feast Supports and Partners with Your Local Restaurants

Did you know that other delivery services actually cut into the profits of local restaurants? Other platforms charge the restaurants an exorbitant fee to include them in their service.

Club Feast does NOT do this. Instead, Club Feast’s revolutionary model of bulk ordering in advance allows restaurants to prepare meals during off-peak hours to optimize their kitchen use and decrease supply costs. When you order using Club Feast, you can feel good knowing that Club Feast is helping your favorite local restaurants.

Club Feast is Environmentally Friendly

By utilizing a sustainable delivery model, Club Feast is also better for the environment than other delivery services. Club Feast optimizes drivers’ delivery routes to both lower fuel costs and minimize their carbon footprint. Enjoy your favorite comfort foods with an eco-friendly conscience!

How to Feast in 3 Easy Steps

1. Browse Your Local Restaurants

Open the Feast platformto find your favorite dishes, filter by cuisine, or browse through their expertly curated meal selection. With a wide variety of local restaurants at your fingertips, you are sure to find something you crave.

2. Order in Advance

Ordering your food in advance is actually far more efficient and convenient for you. For example, you know you’ll be busy around lunchtime, so why not have hot, scrumptious meals show up exactly when you want them? No time to shop for dinner? Decide in advance and try a new restaurant or cuisine that normally may be out of your price range.

With Feast, you have the flexibility to select your meals and delivery windows day-by-day or to preorder all your meals for the week at once. You can always cancel or edit your orders as many times as you’d like up until 6 p.m. the day before delivery, so you’re never roped into a meal you don’t want. Pre-selecting your food also allows you to skip the headache of deciding where to order from when you’re already hungry.

Get to Feasting!

Meals come hot and ready to go! So, once you receive your order, all you have to do is Feast!

Club Feast is affordable, convenient, and supportive of your favorite local restaurants. In a time, when we’re all just trying to do our best and help out one another, choose Club Feast. Help yourself from wasting money on expensive food delivery and precious time waiting. Help all of the local spots you love by choosing Club Feast’s model that supports partner restaurants.

Subscribe today for free to discover all of the delicious, time-saving dishes you can enjoy every week with peace of mind that you’ll eat well on your schedule every day. For a limited time, SFist readers can use the promo code: SFIST to get $20 off your Feast!

Available currently in San Francisco, South Bay, and Oakland! Club Feast plans to expand to the greater Bay Area. So, if you don’t have access to this incredible service yet, you will soon!