The Omicron surge has forced the cancellation of New Year’s festivities for Hard French at El Rio, the Melvins concert at Great American Musical Hall, and more.  

The cancellation of SF’s official New Year’s Eve fireworks show on Tuesday seemed like the first shoe to drop. And sure enough, shoes have continued to drop like flies. The Club Fugazi show Dear San Francisco canceled performances through January 7 the very next day over a breakthrough infection among the cast. Now the Chronicle reports on several more New Year’s Eve parties being canceled, and even more have put the kibosh on their evens since that article’s publication.

The Chronicle’s article details how the Oasis has 86’ed their own New Year’s party (their seventh anniversary!), and the club will remain closed through January 7. Additionally, the Great American Music Hall canceled the Melvins concert (December 30 and 31), anf the Chapel canceled their Ty Segall and Freedom Band show, which will also remain closed through January 7.

A hard pill to swallow for Hard French fans, too. Mission District bar El Rio canceled both the Mango NYE dance party on New Year’s Eve, and the Hard French High Noon party scheduled for New Year’s Day.

Similarly, South of Market bar F8 canceled their New Year’s Eve show with house DJ Mr. V, and all events through the weekend.

Should you be worried that your beloved New Year’s event not listed above will be canceled? At this point, probably not. If they haven’t canceled by now, they’re probably not going to, and the city is not going to force them. But you should be asking yourself serious questions about whether you should be going to a New Year’s Eve party. And if you do, you damn sure better get tested on Tuesday or Wednesday. Because you will be exposed to COVID-19 if you go to an event.

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Image: @NorthernSprw via Twitter