This daring ski jump and flip nearly turned fatal at Palisades Tahoe, and the skier’s helmet cam video is both exhilarating and absolutely terrifying.

SFist is no longer wagging our finger and yelling “Don’t go to Tahoe!,” as the latest mess of Tahoe snow traffic has been upgraded, according to Caltrans District 3, from yesterday’s “avoid Sierra travel right now unless it is essential” to today’s “Be prepared for long travel delays on I-80.” (That said, many locals would prefer you stay the fuck away.) But the skiing is great if you can make it there!

That is, unless you almost die because you got submerged in the snow doing a ski stunt, which happened to one skier Tuesday, according to KGO. And because he and his buddies had their helmet cams rolling, the glorious stunt gone terribly wrong is captured on the helmet cam video seen below.

The above video from stunt-loving slope rat Josh Gold shows the flip, and the harrowing moments afterward when the kids realize their friend might die. (Warning: Has profanity.) He notes that skier Jeremy Pascal “landed bolts off this big drop and ended up feet up and head buried, a position that is extremely hard to get out of on your own. [Duke Arnold] jumped in to help and my only regret is not getting there sooner. We managed to Dig him out after a very terrifying 53 seconds.”

Want a really good scare? Now watch the video above taken from Pascal’s perspective, as he does the flip and then nearly dies buried in snow.  (Warning: Very triggering if you have a fear of being buried alive.)

“I started kind of blowing a hole so I could breathe," Pascal told KGO. "But that didn't work either. So then I thought after like 20 seconds, I thought, all right, just chill out. Don't use energy, so don't breathe as much."

The name for this phenomenon is snow immersion suffocation (SIS), and can happen in any form of deep snow. So caution is advised in these kinds of situations. But if you’re the kind of person who’s taking ski vacations during COVID, gladly driving dangerous roads when authorities ask that you not, and then  doing ski flips, you are probably not the kind of person who’s going to listen when someone advises you to be cautious.

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Image: jeremy.pascal111 via Instagram