A new indictment presents video of Mill Valley hotel heir and MAGA madman Evan Neumann punching capitol police, but he sought asylum in Belarus over a month ago, so we’ll see if anything comes of it.

A few Bay Area individuals have been among the hundreds charged for their alleged roles in the January 6 Trump insurrection, and they all seem to have common thread of being, shall we say, eccentric individuals. Among these is 49-year-old Evan Neumann, who Buzzfeed describes as “a handbag manufacturer from Mill Valley,” and the Santa Rosa Press Democrat adds is the “son of the late Santa Rosa hotelier Claus Neumann, who ran the iconic Los Robles Lodge on Cleveland Avenue and the Hotel La Rose in Railroad Square.”

The Press Democrat has the additional detail that Neumann had previously been “charged with scaling the Golden Gate Bridge” in the 1990s, and before that, “Santa Rosa police seized 179 marijuana plants and 1 pound of processed marijuana packaged for sale at Neumann’s Railroad Square-area home.” We learned of Neumann’s involvement in the Capitol riots last month, after he’d fled to Belarus seeking asylum from the charges.

This past Friday, the Department of Justice announced new charges against Neumann for assaulting multiple law enforcement officers. (His first indictment only charged him with assaulting one officer.) The new indictment, citing video footage, says “Neumann allegedly assaulted three officers from the Metropolitan Police Department and one from the Capitol Police,” and that he was “striking the officers with the [meral] barricade and also with his fist.”

Warning! Some very colorful language in Neumann’s indictment. Per the DoJ, citing the events of January 6, and describing an assaulted officer only as "J.M":

At approximately 1:45 pm, NEUMANN removes his gas mask and begins speaking directly at the line of officers, including J.M. NEUMANN says that J.M is “defending the people who are going to kill your fucking children . . . they are gonna kill your fucking children, they are gonna rape them, they are gonna imprison them, and you’re defending the people that are going to do this to your children.” NEUMANN then continues to verbally abuse J.M and the other officers. NEUMANN also refuses orders by police to move away from the barricade, telling the officers “no, you can’t tell me what to do, you piece of shit.”
At approximately 1:55 pm, NEUMANN, who has again removed his gas mask, resumes berating J.M., stating that the officers “kneel to Antifa because they’re little bitches,” and saying that J.M. has “no pride, no honor, you’re nothing.” He then threatens J.M. that the officers will be “overrun” by the crowd, and says “I’m willing to die, are you?”

As the Press Democrat observes, this is “a far cry” from what Neumann told Belarus state TV in November “If returned to the United States, [Neumann] predicted, he would face certain torture, he told his Belarussian interviewer. ‘And I’m not strong enough to withstand torture,’ that paper reports."

The US does not have an extradition treaty with Belarus, which is likely why Neumann chose to go there. As KPIX reports, an arrest warrant is out for Neumann, but that may not matter much. Hope he likes borscht and sausage, though! He may be over there a while.

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Image: US Department of Justice