Kristina Lawson, a former mayor of Walnut Creek, chief executive at a law firm, and president of the Medical Board of California, says she has been being stalked and harassed by an anti-vaccine misinformation group — several members of which cornered her in a parking garage to "interview" her.

We are living in a time of intense lunacy — and at least Gen Z has glommed on to this hilarious Birds Aren't Real satire-conspiracy to help get them through it. And the latest example of a public official who's being threatened and/or harassed by covidiots who are still foaming at the mouth about vaccine mandates is Lawson, who has served on the state's medical board for six years.

Lawson describes her scary week in a Twitter thread, and the story has now been picked up by KRON4 and KTVU.

Lawson says she has seen a white Ford Expedition parked outside her home, and she spotted a drone flying over her home on Monday as she was leaving for work.

"They watched my daughter drive herself to school and watched me walk out of my house, get in my car, and take my two kids to school," Lawson says. "At least one of the members of the group had flown across the country to stake me out."

She describes how, when she arrived at work, the SUV parked nose to nose with her car, and then when she was leaving later that day, four men jumped out of the vehicle with cameras and began trying to ask her questions.

Per KTVU, the group responsible is called America's Frontline Doctors, and they're currently under investigation by the federal government for spreading vaccine misinformation — and one of its founders was indicted for his role in the January 6th insurrection, naturally.

Lawson says she wanted to make the story public in order to "shed light on these reprehensible, unacceptable tactics of intimidation," but, she says, "like other Californians who believe in both science and fair play, I will not be intimidated."

The story gets weirder. In some effort to feign legitimacy, as KRON4 reports, a man from Georgia claiming to be a "state detective" who was working with the group called Walnut Creek Police to alert them that he was conducting "surveillance" in San Miguel, which is part of unincorporated Contra Costa County, just outside Walnut Creek. A dispatcher asked if he was armed, and the man said he had a gun locked in a case, and the dispatcher directed him to contact the sheriff's office, though it's unclear whether he did.

As Lawson explains, "The private investigator traveling with [the group] told law enforcement they are producing a video about me that will include footage of my house and neighborhood, and, of course, me."

It's not clear why America's Frontline Doctors have chosen Lawson as their latest target for harassment, or what their no-doubt asinine video about her will attempt to say about vaccines and the California medical board's insistence that they work.

This latest instance of right-wing-fringe insanity occurred the same day that a group of bussed-in anti-vaxxers descended on Healdsburg's city hall, in protest of the city council preventing one unvaccinated councilmember from attending meetings in person. The Monday meeting had to move online because of the disruption caused — and maybe some in Healdsburg are questioning whether electing Skylaer Palacios, who refuses to be vaccinated and has now become has become some kind of cause célèbre among the anti-science, doing-their-own-research, "medical freedom" cabal.

Photo: Kristina Lawson via KTVU