Newsom told Whoopi, Joy, and the gang on The View that “I don't mean this as a cheap shot,” but then proceeded to call out Governor Ron DeSantis over Florida’s COVID death toll.

I’ve never understood why sitting governors write books while in still in office, particularly during the pandemic, because doesn’t that make it look like you aren’t focused on your job? But I suppose we will cut Governor Gavin Newsom some slack because his new book is a children’s book entitled Ben & Emma’s Big Hit, and it’s about struggling with dyslexia, which Newsom did as a youngster.

Newsom is doing a little book tour now, and on Wednesday, went on ABC’s “women yelling at each other” program The View. The topic of his book did not come up. What came up was Gavin taking swings at red states Florida and Texas, with whom he’s apparently itching for a public fight.

His jabs at Florida begin at the 2:45 mark of the above video. "It's just interesting, there's just so much attention that's been given to Florida as of late," Newsom said. "And I don't mean as in a cheap shot, but it's interesting. Since the beginning of this pandemic, 53% more deaths per capita in the state of Florida, 53% more in the state of Florida compared to California. I just that’s an important point, and it’s not brought up on  a lot of networks in this country."

Newsom does not mention that he’s talking about Fox News (he is), or that he’s talking about Florida governor Ron DeSantis (he is). The View panelist Sunny Hostin does interject, “The governor of Florida doesn’t seem to be following the science.”

(Though later in the interview, when discussing retail theft mobs, Newsom does call out the Fox News network. “Violent crime and property crime, for example, is higher in Texas than it is in California. I don’t see that on Fox News.”)

And Newsom goes after both Florida and Texas on the COVID economic front. "The state of California did better economically than Florida, Texas, Indiana and the U.S. as a whole,” Newsom said, citing no data.

But really, everything about Gavin Newsom should be seen through the lens of his political aspirations. He’s up for reelection this coming November, when in all likelihood he will demolish potential Republican nominee Larry Elder. Newsom will then immediately plot his next move, and there aren’t many offices higher than the governor of the state of California.

So the author of children’s book Ben & Emma’s Big Hit is already taking preemptive hits against the arguments his perceived future political foes will surely use against him.  

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Screenshot: The View via Youtube