While tickets are still available for about $1,000 each, you can watch both next Friday and Sunday’s “Forty Years of Metallica” concerts absolutely free through an Amazon Prime livestream.

Hey, remember that time back in September when Metallica played a secret show at the Independent, but you couldn’t go, because you and Lars aren’t tight enough that anyone tipped you off in time to get tickets? Well, you have your chance again next weekend (Friday, December 17 and Sunday, December 19) when Metallica masters their puppets for the Forty Years of Metallica anniversary concerts at the Chase Center.

But holy christ, the ticket prices. Friday night tickets are running between $757 and $1,457, according to Ticketmaster, while Sunday’s show will run you at least $582 with several higher-priced tiers. Plus Metallica says that “Tickets will be available only to registered Fifth Members,” which is some sort of Metallica fan club, so this all just seems like a lot of work.

But seek and destroy me with a feather. The boys just announced on Metallica.com that “our friends at Amazon will be streaming both shows live, as they happen, worldwide and for free!”

You don’t need to be an Amazon Prime subscriber to watch. “The exclusive free, global live streams on December 17 and 19 will start at 9 PM PST,” the announcement says. “No matter where you are those nights – or depending on your timezone, the following day – you’ll be able to watch live from home or on mobile via Amazon Music, Amazon Music’s Twitch channel, and Prime Video (with or without Prime on-demand viewing Membership).”

Remember that Metallica christened the Chase Center with its first concert in 2019, alongside the SF Symphony, so it’s a pretty nice gesture. But given the band's extremely brand-friendly disposition (yes that is a Salesforce logo on their flyer above), don’t be surprised if you have to sign up for some email list or register for something to enjoy the show.

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Image: Metallica.com