Some burglars decided to throw a party in a soon-to-open restaurant in downtown San Francisco, and it appears they invited friends and hung around for a few hours, drinking whatever they could find and smoking weed.

Daniel Bomya, the co-owner of Ramen Hiroshi, showed KTVU how some brazen thieves taped paper over the front windows of the not-yet-open business so that passersby would not be able to see inside. And sometime Friday night or early Saturday morning, they threw a party for friends — and even put up a sign telling people where to find the bathroom.

"We are frustrated. We are angry, but we're more surprisingly disappointed," says Bomya, who explains that Ramen Hiroshi was getting set for an opening in two weeks, but that may now be delayed after the thieves stole equipment and furniture that they need to open for business, as well as their surveillance camera system.

There was plenty of evidence of the party left behind, including trash bags full of booze bottles, cigarette butts, and the lingering odor of marijuana. And in addition to bringing some of their own booze, partygoers emptied the restaurant's wine fridge.

Also, co-owner Aung Khaing showed the KTVU cameras a spot where they found a whole lot of vomit.

"It was huge," Khaing said. "We had to clean it up."

The owners believe that the thieves may have even been charging a cover charge at the door, and perhaps had promoted this underground party somewhere — and clearly it flew under the radar of the SFPD.

Bomya and Khaing now say they've put in a new alarm system and surveillance cameras, and they'll also be installing an iron gate over the front door.

This illegal party and theft took place a week after a string of brazen robberies around the Bay, including at a half dozen high-end stores in Union Square during business hours. That weekend also saw roving caravans of vehicles committing crimes in Oakland, including ransacking several cannabis dispensaries.

Ramen Hiroshi is a local chain of ramen restaurants started by husband-and-wife team Hiroshi Tun and Angela Yanase, with three Bay Area locations in Alameda, San Ramon, and Walnut Creek. This location at 322 Kearny Street is their first in San Francisco, and it replaces former halal Turkish restaurant Sini.