Berkeley is a place of learning and higher education. It is also known as the homebase for many progressive thinkers and "hippies" alike. We wouldn't blame you if you suspected that people who self-identify as members of the above groups also had a higher rate of cannabis consumption. Berkeley's medical marijuana dispensaries have been running for many years, and the market for legal recreational cannabis has been growing since the legislation passed. Today, there are a great many cannabis delivery companies in Berkeley that can bring high-quality bud, pods, edibles, tinctures, and more directly to your door. Why is this list free to read?

Top Featured Marijuana Delivery Services Berkeley

Amuse, a fast expanding cannabis delivery business in the Bay Area, has pushed itself to major player status among marijuana delivery behemoths. Amuse curates product portfolios that inspire and please, with one of the greatest options of flower, vapes, concentrates, edibles, and pre-rolls. Apart from their vast menu of options, this team is notable for its low-cost, high-value pricing. You may get your favorite brands on-demand or schedule a delivery at a later date. Among the greatest are Stiiizy, Sherbinksi's, Cookies, WYLD, Kiva, Lowell Farms, and many more Bay Area brands.

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The Green Team
#1 of 20 Best Cannabis Delivery Companies Berkeley

The Green Team has been providing cannabis smokers in Berkeley with some of the highest-grade products since as early as 2014. TGT is largely known for their premium customer service and supplying exclusive products at extremely low prices. Delivering to Oakland, Martinez, Berkeley, as well as Emeryville and some surrounding areas has allowed The Green Team to master their professional, discreet service. Give TGT a call or fill your cart online today, as first time customers receive five dollars off their first order.

Padre Mu
#2 of 20 Leading Weed Delivery in Berkeley

As a community of similarly-minded individuals aspiring to create a better world through the power of cannabis, Padre Mu believes cannabis culture must always reflect values of responsibility and openness. Padre Mu has committed to helping create an ecosystem of cannabis equity businesses, informed customers, and local sourcing, and offers meditation sessions as well as raises money for individuals affected by expungement.

The Diamond Bonsai
#3 of 20 Top-Notch Cannabis Delivery Dispensaries

There are three main motivators for every interaction at The Diamond Bonsai: Quality, Service, and Professionalism.  Each and every day, they demonstrate their commitment to their patients and the community by working with respectable suppliers and by caring first and foremost about you, the customer! There is no pick-up available as they are delivery only, and TDB offers new deals everyday, claiming on their website to be 'practically giving weed away'.

True Healing Collective
#4 of 20 Top Cannabis Delivery Companies Berkeley

True Healing Collective was founded in 2010 by a group of Bay Area Cannabis Advocates with the mission to promote health & wellness, support the developing cannabis community by offering excellent products, and bring together well-known brands with premium customer service. To help the cannabis industry develop as smoking weed becomes more acceptable, THC promotes interdependence amongst cannabis entrepreneurs and provides a platform for existing and emerging cannabis companies, and all of their work revolves around providing individualized, top-notch service.

Buzz Delivery
#5 of 20 Leading Berkeley Marijuana Delivery Services

Not only does Buzz Delivery serve as a top cannabis delivery dispensary in Berkeley and beyond, they also offer an educational blog that acts as a resource for their community to learn about the benefits of modern cannabis, including information about the latest products, how-to guides, laws, and even culture. If you're having trouble ordering on their website or just prefer the human touch, Buzz offers phone service so that an informed cannabis expert can assist you.

Ohana Cannabis
#6 of 20 Top-Notch Weed Delivery in Berkeley

Customers at Ohana Cannabis can count on excellent, clean and fully-tested cannabis for medicinal and/or recreational purposes, as well as unmatched customer service. It is the goal of the cannabis experts at Ohana to provide the Bay Area and surrounding communities with an enjoyable and safe experience. To learn about cannabis products, their use, and appropriate application, Ohana Cannabis Consultants may be reached in a matter of seconds. Customer satisfaction is the major concern at Ohana Cannabis.

Cannabis on Fire
#7 of 20 Best Cannabis Delivery Dispensaries

With, you can get cannabis delivered to your door any time, anywhere. Purchases can be made on their website using a cell phone or other internet-connected device and your products will be delivered directly to your door. As a fully-licensed retail marijuana delivery business, Cannabis On Fire offers a wide variety of cannabis products and are dedicated to delivering in a timely, courteous fashion.

Golden State Canna
#8 of 20 Leading Weed Delivery in Berkeley

Golden State Cannabis is one of the top cannabis delivery companies in California, according to many industry experts. A combination of three fundamental beliefs has allowed them to flourish since 2012: supplying high quality and low-cost cannabis products; giving a superior customer experience; and having an unwavering appreciation for the cannabis community. As well as offering safe access to quality, locally sourced, medicinal and adult-use cannabis to eligible patients and recreational users, GSC is devoted to welcoming anybody who desires to join their little cannabis family.

#9 of 20 Top-Notch Cannabis Delivery Dispensaries

Citizens Research Alliance For Therapeutics, or C.R.A.F.T., places the utmost importance in verifying the quality and safety of all of their cannabis products, including flower, edibles, and concentrates. C.R.A.F.T. loves cannabis, and believe they are very fortunate to be working in an industry that they care very much for. C.R.A.F.T. hopes that you enjoy their flowers as much as they enjoyed growing them.

City Greens
#10 of 20 Top Cannabis Delivery Companies Berkeley

The City Greens is a group of cannabis enthusiasts with one mission: to curate the most exceptional menu of cannabis products available on the market today. With several decades of experience in the industry, the City Greens team is extremely capable of answering all of your cannabis questions, focusing on premium, exotic flowers and extracts from some of the top growers and producers in the state. TGC loves cannabis, and their aim is to bring their customers the same joy that cannabis brings them!

Mountain Lion Delivery
#11 of 20 Leading Berkeley Marijuana Delivery Services

Based out of Oakland but one of the top cannabis delivery dispensaries in Berkeley as well, Mountain Lion Delivery provides its customers and business partners with an extremely high level of experience in the cannabis space, relying on creative thinking to develop new processes. Mountain Lion Delivery is known for providing extremely high-quality products as well as employing professional drivers that make discreet deliveries.

#12 of 20 Top-Notch Weed Delivery in Berkeley

ZENGANIC carries the top medical and recreational cannabis and CBD products and brands for their valued members. Primarily servicing the Tri-Valley and 580, 680, and 880 corridors of the East Bay, Zenganic is also the proud manufacturer of Kalya Extracts. Zenganic specializes in making ice hash rosin, working with a select group of growers, using only the very finest strains, freezing the plant the second it's harvested, and running it through their proprietary ice/water process.

#13 of 20 Best Cannabis Delivery Dispensaries

GRO provides discrete home delivery to recreational and medical clients in Berkeley, believing that cannabis needs to be personalized to your specific needs and goals in order for it to be fully enjoyed. Not one strain, product, or method works the same for every user, which is why GRO provides a large menu that features a wide variety of products. At GRO, every product is independently tested for potency and purity, and your satisfaction is their main priority.

#14 of 20 Leading Weed Delivery in Berkeley

In 1996, with connections to some of the top cannabis farmers in Northern California, a group of like minded individuals began working towards a dream of bringing safe and legal cannabis to everyone. Nearly 30 years later, this same dream has manifested into The Cannabis Buyers Club of Berkeley, home of the $10 eighth. Offering student, teacher, senior, and veteran discounts, CBCB specializes in empathy and care and treats every customer like family.

#15 of 20 Top-Notch Cannabis Delivery Dispensaries

Born in the Bay and offering quality cultivation through their own 30 custom strains, TRESTL meticulously grows a handful of their own products to perfection. TRESTL was built for the most enthusiastic Berkeley cannabis connoisseurs, offering a wide variety of products depending on your mood. TRESTL takes their customers on a journey to figure out which is the best strain for them, and then delivers it right to your door.

#16 of 20 Top Cannabis Delivery Companies Berkeley

For cannabis consumers visiting or living in Berkeley with or without prescriptions or medical identification cards, The Farmacy Berkeley is a fully licensed 21+ retail store and consumption lounge that is professionally curated and fully licensed. Farmacy's ambition of opening a community-focused cannabis store in Berkeley has been in the works for many years, and they are genuinely touched by the kind welcome they have gotten from the Berkeley community. Expect Farmacy to be around for years to come, and tap into their top delivery service in the meantime.

Herban Delivery
#17 of 20 Leading Berkeley Marijuana Delivery Services

Herban Delivery Marijuana Weed Dispensary is known for having some of the most popular California brands in stock, with an online menu full of some the smoothest flower and tastiest edible brands the Emerald Triangle has to offer. Herban Delivery only employs industry vets, who work constantly to uncover new brands to bring you the best products, believing that their customers deserve it.

#18 of 20 Top-Notch Weed Delivery in Berkeley

Berkeley Patients Group, or BPG, are in the cannabis delivery business for good - the good of their clients, their community, the industry, and for the good of the rest of the world. BPG understands firsthand the amazing power cannabis holds in terms of being able to improve peoples' lives, and Berkeley Patients Group is earnestly pushing to create a world where everyone has access to the exact products and information they need to enjoy the beautiful plant.

High Times
#19 of 20 Best Cannabis Delivery Dispensaries

To help you get to your happy place, High Times has handpicked a collection of excellent cannabis strains. Their broad menu, enhanced rewards program, and best-in-class customer service will keep you higher, longer. As a result, one of the most well-known cannabis brands in the area is offering some of the greatest items the cannabis world has to offer. High Times wants to make sure you're only ingesting cup-worthy items from here on out.

#20 of 20 Leading Weed Delivery in Berkeley

Oakland-based Greenflow delivers superior cannabis products to Berkeley in a seamless manner, both for medical and recreational purposes. Whatever your level of experience with cannabis may be, they have the perfect items for you and are happy to get them to your home. Greenflow offers a straightforward payment procedure and same-day delivery as part of its commitment to a streamlined purchasing and delivery experience. Indoor and outdoor grow spots are used to cultivate their quality flower, and they take great pleasure in providing exceptional customer service.



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