• Mayor Breed was glowingly mentioned in a New York Times profile of the Black Women mayors of major U.S. cities. But don’t get your hopes up for any  inspiring quotes from her, because she is barely mentioned and is not quoted in the piece. [New York Times]
  • Non-citizens can vote in San Francisco school board elections, including the upcoming recall. Sup. Connie Chan’s ordinance passed the board unanimously, as the 2016 ordinance that SF voters approved was set to expire. [Examiner]
  • Full House star and former “Varsity Blues” scandal jailbird Lori McLaughlin is paying $500,000 in scholarships to two unnamed students, in a likely PR gesture whose effectiveness is yet to be seen. [East Bay Times]
  • Heads up, political nerds, the first draft of the California redistricting maps are out, but by no means are these final. [Chronicle]
  • Gavin got his booster shot today, everybody! He’s now mixing Moderna with Johnson & Johnson.  [USA Today]

Image: @danielsalgado via Unsplash