• Testing will begin at Millennium Tower for a future repair that may (or may not) help the building from sinking further. The newest plan that's expected to begin testing Tuesday will include installing a 3-foot-wide steel sleeve deep into the ground on the Fremont Street side of the apartment building, which will hopefully stabilize the 60-story tower; since opening in 2009, the Millennium tower has sunk 19 inches and tilted more than 12 inches.  [KTVU]
  • More 20mph speed limits might come to San Francisco after Newsom signed a group of new bills aimed at pedestrian safety. [Chronicle]
  • The Dodgers obliterated the Giants during last night's second game in the playoff series, winning the game 9-2. [CBS Sports]
  • The new Caltrain station in Bayview is hoping to operate with less-polluting electric trains when it debuts in 2024 — likely in tandem with another new station in either Dogpatch or Potrero Hill — and offer a big boom for the neighborhood. [SF Examiner]
  • A new delivery app is vying for your business with a flat $5 delivery fee — which will also include delivery from Brenda’s French Soul Food, Bob’s Donuts, and Wise Sons Deli. [Eater SF]
  • Fun fact: You can actually purchase acres of Amazon (that have been put on sale illegally) on Facebook Marketplace... though the social media giant appears to be finally cracking down on the issue. [Mongabay]
  • Two infrastructure bills that continue to sit in congressional limbo could help the U.S. cut its carbon emissions in half by 2030, as well as offer massive incentives for future EV car shoppers. [New York Times]
  • While COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations are down nationally, many states, like Michigan, are still contending with high numbers of cases and strained health care resources. [CNN]

Photo: Getty Images/Justin Sullivan/Staff